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Every new fundraising campaign receives an initial $50 donation from the Good Start Fund to help kick start donations.

Currently in 2017, Good Start has raised

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RedBasket can help you raise money in the following areas



Raise money for expenses related to a medical condition, such as an illness or injury.


Disaster Relief

Raise money to assist with recovery from a natural disaster, such as a storm or fire.


Community Improvement

Raise money for a project that helps your community thrive, like revitalizing a playground or creating a literacy program.


Trusted Partner

Raise money for a project referred to Red Basket by a Trusted Partner.

Take a Look at Current Campaigns

Relieving the Bridges Family Financial Burden

If our goal is fulfilled, it will provide some much needed financial breathing room moving forward.

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Raised $36,240
Goal $20,000
Days Left 26

Evergreen Cemetery: Elba, Alabama

“The historic marker will educate the public about the history of the cemetery.”

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Raised $1,300
Goal $1,610
Days Left 2

Anthony’s Eagle Scout Adventure

“This chalkboard is important because it will give teachers and students the chance to move their classroom outside.”

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Raised $380
Goal $500
Days Left 18

John and Crystal’s Journey to Parenthood

“It feels like a piece of our lives is missing, and that piece is children.”

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Raised $11,625
Goal $20,000
Days Left 22

New Chairs for Pontotoc Middle School

“Without completion of this project, my students will not be able to comfortably use the tables that have been funded for our classroom.”

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Raised $835
Goal $1,500
Days Left 25

Alleviate Alecia’s Burden

“I’ve gone from going to see my nieces every time I got a chance to them coming to see me lying in bed.”

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Raised $1,085
Goal $2,000
Days Left 38