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Currently in 2018, Good Start has raised

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RedBasket can help you raise money in the following areas



Raise money for expenses related to a medical condition, such as an illness or injury.


Disaster Relief

Raise money to assist with recovery from a natural disaster, such as a storm or fire.


Community Improvement

Raise money for a project that helps your community thrive, like revitalizing a playground or creating a literacy program.


Trusted Partner

Raise money for a project referred to Red Basket by a Trusted Partner.

Take a Look at Current Campaigns

Hayden’s Eagle Scout Honor

“The bird sanctuary will be a wonderful addition to the habitat around the school as well as a new space for the students to learn about nature.”

Read More >
Raised $1,210
Goal $1,000
Days Left 36

Chandler’s Challenge

“The new picnic tables would give homeless individuals an additional place for prayer, reflection and socialization.”

Read More >
Raised $1,265
Goal $1,500
Days Left 27

Nicholas’ Notable Eagle Scout Project

“Bill Dreggors Courtyard will be a wonderful area for DeLand residents to sit and relax.”

Read More >
Raised $3,525
Goal $5,500
Days Left 14

William’s Lemonade Stand

“No kid will go hungry with our help.”

Read More >
Raised $978
Goal $2,000
Days Left 28

New Beginning for Andrea

“Just getting back into our home would lessen the stress and uncertainty we currently face.”

Read More >
Raised $3,275
Goal $12,000
Days Left 34

Ethan’s Expedition to Eagle Scout

“It will be one of the biggest Eagle Scout projects the troop has ever had.”

Read More >
Raised $1,225
Goal $5,000
Days Left 36