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Every new fundraising campaign receives an initial $50 donation from the Good Start Fund to help kick start donations.

Currently in 2018, Good Start has raised

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RedBasket can help you raise money in the following areas



Raise money for expenses related to a medical condition, such as an illness or injury.


Disaster Relief

Raise money to assist with recovery from a natural disaster, such as a storm or fire.


Community Improvement

Raise money for a project that helps your community thrive, like revitalizing a playground or creating a literacy program.


Trusted Partner

Raise money for a project referred to Red Basket by a Trusted Partner.

Take a Look at Current Campaigns

Mission Hope

“The organization gives food out once a month to over 150 families.”

Read More >
Raised $825
Goal $1,000
Days Left 17

Teaming Up with Todd

I am grateful for each day I get to spend with my family, friends, students, and co-workers.

Read More >
Raised $7,050
Goal $20,000
Days Left 16

Grenada Food Pantry

“With additional funding, we can feed more people with a more nutritious variety of foods including fresh meat and fresh vegetables.”

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Raised $325
Goal $1,000
Days Left 16

Support the Biloxi Doll and Toy Fund

“We believe every child deserves to receive gifts during the holidays.”

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Raised $3,445
Goal $13,000
Days Left 39

Jadyn’s Service Dog Journey

It is our hope that having this service dog will give me more independence, and allow me to live a more functional, normal life like everyone else does.

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Raised $4,355
Goal $20,000
Days Left 2

Fulfilling Naamah’s Financial Needs

I hope to heal soon because I want to be able to take care of my responsibilities on my own like I always have.

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Raised $1,310
Goal $7,400
Days Left 35