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Liana’s Little Angel

“I was having several panic attacks a day, and just leaving the house without my husband was getting harder and harder.”

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Raised $180
Goal $20,000
Days Left 9

Little Angel for Alexis

“I know how much happier I will be if I am able to get my service dog.”

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Raised $350
Goal $5,000
Days Left 8

Chesterfield Police Department

“We want to better serve our community and make a difference.”

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Raised $1,675
Goal $16,775
Days Left 8

Backpack Buddy Ministry

"The Backpack Buddy Program works diligently to provide meals to hungry children from kindergarten to 12th grade."

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Raised $350
Goal $10,005
Days Left 16

Medical Assistance for Mosima

“I will invest this money in taking good care of myself.”

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Raised $83
Goal $3,795
Days Left 8

William’s Lemonade Stand

“No kid will go hungry with our help.”

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Raised $1,103
Goal $2,000
Days Left 4

Ryan’s Road to Eagle Scout: Making Medical Supply Bags

“I feel like this project can really make a difference in my community because it has the possibility to save lives.”

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Raised $555
Goal $1,000
Days Left 1

The Good Start Fund

Getting campaigns off to a good start.

Every new fundraising campaign receives an initial $50 donation from the Good Start Fund to help fundraisers get off to a good start.

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Fundraisers who are seeking support recovering from a natural disaster, such as a storm or fire.


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