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Fresh Start for the Walkers

“Raising these funds would allow me and the boys to rebuild our lives and get things back to normal again.”

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Raised $650
Goal $15,000
Days Left 23

Provide Relief for Richard

“I have to have assistance most days due to my lack of vision.”

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Raised $150
Goal $805
Days Left 23

Open Door Mission: Offering Hope and Support

The Greater Glens Falls Area needs a place where those in poverty can come to find the help and services they need.

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Raised $125
Goal $7,000
Days Left 20

Rhonda’s Road to Renal Recovery

“When I receive my transplant, I will have a better quality of life.”

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Raised $275
Goal $5,310
Days Left 20

Making a Difference with Matthew

I chose the greenhouse project because I wanted a project that would benefit students and provide them a great learning experience.

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Raised $1,235
Goal $3,500
Days Left 20

Get Manny Moving: Wheelchair Accessible Van

As I transitioned to a wheelchair it became harder to do normal things, but I have been encouraged to use my mind and imagination to achieve my goals.

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Raised $465
Goal $20,000
Days Left 19

Todd’s Time of Need

“I can’t even go to church on most occasions with my family because of the struggle and my pain.”

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Raised $50
Goal $20,000
Days Left 18

Kennedy’s New Buddy, Boo

If she were to dart off, knowing that she could be easily stopped is a miracle to us. Having Boo to comfort her when she is overly stimulated will help tremendously also!

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Raised $800
Goal $9,000
Days Left 18

First Baptist Church Saltillo Food Pantry

“This food pantry provides food such as canned goods, boxed foods, and pantry staples to families who cannot afford groceries.”

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Raised $250
Goal $500
Days Left 17

Rally for Ruby Kate

With half of our family in another state, it has been pretty tough on our family.

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Raised $1,280
Goal $9,500
Days Left 16

Danielle’s Psychiatric Assistance Dog

I will be able to perform better in school, be more confident in public, and be willing to take on new challenges that could help in my future.

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Raised $100
Goal $20,000
Days Left 13

Tackling MS with Tony

This procedure will give me the best chance possible to halt the disease progression, and perhaps restore some of my physical abilities in time.

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Raised $1,699
Goal $20,000
Days Left 12

The Good Start Fund

Getting campaigns off to a good start.

Every new fundraising campaign receives an initial $50 donation from the Good Start Fund to help fundraisers get off to a good start.

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