Medical Assistance for Mosima
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“I will invest this money in taking good care of myself.”
The Story

San Jose, CA

Mosima Namata (54) is the fifth child in a family of seven kids. Mosima enjoys boxing, football, and spending time with his siblings. Unfortunately, he has various medical conditions that create a burden on his life. He struggles with acute arthritis, high blood pressure, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), and other medical conditions. Since his diagnosis, Mosima has been unable to work, forcing him to rely on others to get the medical attention he needs.

In 2011, Mosima was diagnosed with HIV. For several years, Mosima has also struggled with acute pain and swelling due to his arthritis and high blood pressure. His conditions are not only painful, but make him unable to work and support himself. Mosima’s conditions require frequent doctor’s visits, prescriptions, essential vitamins, and a regimented diet. These treatments often require him to spend hundreds of dollars a month. Due to his inability to work, Mosima has difficulty receiving the medical care he needs. “My condition has greatly affected my life,” said Mosima.

Mosima hopes to raise $3,795 to assist in medical expenses, like his necessary prescription medications and routine clinic visits. “I will invest this money in taking good care of myself,” Mosima said. Your fee-free donation will help Mosima gain back his independence, receive the medical care he needs, and continue spending time with his siblings. Donate and share his story today!

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