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“With a service dog I will be independent, walk without fear of falling, and retrieve dropped items, especially the phone if I do fall.”
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The Story

La Mesa, CA

Janice Hardy (68) is a loving mother and grandmother. Her three children and three grandchildren bring a tremendous amount of joy to her life. Her favorite activity is spending time and making memories with her family. When she isn’t spending time with them or working, she enjoys quilting, gardening, and reading. She also stays active in her community by supporting the breast cancer walk, Alzheimer’s walk, the heart walk, plus various other events.

In 1984, Janice was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease. According to Mayo Clinic, this condition is a disorder of the inner ear that causes you to feel as if you are spinning (vertigo). For Janice, her symptoms included mobility issues. During her late 30s, the Meniere’s went into remission, however her complications with steadiness remained. However, recently her symptoms have returned. In 2014, Janice was diagnosed with a non-epileptic seizure disorder. Then on May 14, 2018, her diagnosis was modified to include migraines and vertigo. This diagnosis has led to many falls resulting in concussions and trips to the emergency room.

Right now Janice uses a cane on her right side for support. However, walking with the cane is oftentimes not enough. After learning about an organization called Little Angels Service Dogs, Janice knew this was the answer she had been looking for. A service dog would be able to help her rise up from the floor when she falls, brace her, and comfort her when she falls. “When I visited the Little Angels ranch I held onto a dog, Dusty, and felt stable for the first time in years,” said Janice.

Janice hopes to raise $20,000 through to receive a mobility assistance dog through Little Angels Service Dogs. Raising these funds will allow Janie to regain her independence. “With a service dog I will be independent, walk without fear of falling, and retrieve dropped items, especially the phone if I do fall,” said Janice. Your fee-free donation will allow Janice to be independent again and bring her and her loved ones peace of mind. Donate and share her story today!

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