Anxiety Relief for Jessica
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“With my service dog, the sky will be the limit”
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The Story

Elkhart, IN

Jessica “Jessy” Kinsman (23) spends her time singing and playing with her cat, Acci. Her older sister Bekah (25) and her younger brother Dave (17) enjoy singing with her and making each other laugh. Jessy and her father enjoy watching television shows together, while Jessy and her mother actively try out new recipes in the kitchen. Jessy also enjoys her job at a local restaurant. However, her anxiety and bipolar disorder have negatively impacted her ability to regularly attend classes and work, or engage in social gatherings.

Jessy was diagnosed with anxiety and bipolar disorder when she was thirteen. Her condition has discouraged her from participating in social gatherings, including church services, work, and classes. To improve her condition, Jessy regularly attends appointments with a psychiatrist and a counselor.

Although Jessy has a great support system, she still lacks the constant comfort she needs. Jessy knows a service dog would allow her to feel more independent and be more encouraged to attend social events she would otherwise avoid. “I need to obtain a service dog to assist me in reducing symptoms and anxiety attacks,” said Jessy.

Jessy hopes to raise $8,000 through to purchase a service dog that will be trained to comfort her, and reduce the severity of her anxiety attacks. With the help of service dog, Jessy will be able to attend social gatherings and classes. Your fee-free donation will help Jessy find comfort in times of distress, while gaining the confidence she needs to be socially active again. “With my service dog, the sky will be the limit,” said Jessy. Donate and share her story today!

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