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“I have to have assistance most days due to my lack of vision.”
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The Story

Phenix City, AL

Richard Jackson is a loving family man who would do anything for his loved ones. He finds fulfillment in working to provide for his wife Shané and his three children Richard Jr., TyShaun, and Denorris. The Jacksons are a close-knit family who are always there for one another. Family means everything to Richard. Whether it’s going fishing or enjoying outings with his family, Richard values each and every moment spent with his family.

In June 2017, Richard started to notice a lot of sensitivity to light. At first he didn’t think much of it. Then after being involved in a car accident, Shané suggested Richard see an eye doctor. After various tests, Richard was diagnosed with keratoconus, commonly referred to conical cornea. According to Mayo Clinic, keratoconus is a condition where the cornea starts to thin and gradually bulge into a cone shape.

Since his diagnosis, Richard’s life has drastically changed. “My life normally shuts down at 7 PM each day due to a ton of eye drops and eye maintenance to be able to function the next day,” said Richard. Along with this, his daily life and work life have been affected as well. “I have to have assistance most days due to my lack of vision,” said Richard. To improve his vision, Richard has undergone two cornea transplant surgeries.

While this diagnosis has been hard for Richard, the love and support from his family and friends means the world to him. “My wife drives me and always lends a helping hand. My kids always make me feel loved by asking if they can help me with anything,” said Richard.

Richard hopes to raise $805 through to assist with the cost of eye surgery, solutions, and medications. Raising these funds would allow Richard to fulfill his dream of being able to see better and gain his independence back. “I will be able to get back to enjoying my family,” said Richard. Your fee-free donation will help this devoted father get back to living a life he loves. Donate and share Richard’s story today!

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