Fresh Start for the Walkers
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“Raising these funds would allow me and the boys to rebuild our lives and get things back to normal again.”
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The Story

Knoxville, TN

Cassondra “Cassie” Walker (32) is a hardworking mother who would do anything for her two boys, Emory (4) and Mason (2). She absolutely adores them and loves being their mother. Whether it’s playing with cars, trucks, trains, or playing outside, these boys keep Cassie busy and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

On March 24, 2018, Cassie and her boys moved into their new apartment. This was an exciting time for the Walkers and they couldn’t wait to make memories in their new place. Then on April 16, Cassie and her boys’ lives changed unexpectedly. She was on the way home from doing laundry. As she pulled in, she saw the fire department at her apartment complex. At first she didn’t think it was her apartment, but unfortunately, that was not the case. The only thing she was able to spare was the laundry she had with her.

Since the fire, Cassie has been in a state of shock. She had moved into the apartment just three short weeks before the fire. While this has been an extremely difficult time for her and the boys, she is thankful that they are all safe.

Cassie hopes to raise $15,000 through to replace items destroyed in a devastating fire that ravaged her apartment. “Raising these funds would allow me and the boys to rebuild our lives and get things back to normal again,” said Cassie. Donate and share the Walkers’ story today!

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Fundraiser |

we will be holding a yard sale fundraiser for the Walker family to place in the RedBasket campaign. Hot dogs and drinks too. Please contact Rochelle Cordova for more information at

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From: Rcordova |
Keep looking forward. We all love you

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