Little Free Libraries Eagle Project
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These Little Free Libraries will provide children and their families with unrestricted access to books.
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The Story

Allen, TX

Dylon Nottingham developed a love of reading at an early age. “Books are teachers, friends to lonely kids, and vehicles that take you to faraway places,” Dylon said. For his Eagle Scout project, he wants to provide other children with the same opportunity and access to books that he had. Little Free Libraries are one way to make books available to kids with no strings attached.

While looking through the Little Free Library website, he discovered that there were not many in the Allen, Texas area. After contacting different community leaders, he decided to place five Little Free Libraries in the community—at Alton Boyd Elementary School, Lindsey Elementary School, St. Jude Catholic Church, Allen Police Department Substation, and one in the Villages at Maxwell Creek. He will be purchasing four of the libraries and engraved posts directly from Little Free Library and custom making the fifth one. A group of volunteers will assist him in painting, assembling, and installing the libraries at the locations. Once in place, residents and community members will be able to donate new and gently used books by putting them in the library box for kids and youth to take and read.

To complete his Eagle Scout project, Dylon hopes to raise $2,100 through to pay for the materials needed. “Literacy and reading are probably the most important cornerstones for building a successful life,” Dylon said. “These Little Free Libraries will provide children and their families with unrestricted access to books.” Please consider making a tax-deductible donation and help Dylon spread his love of literacy to his community. Share his story today!

Updates (3) Updates (3)
Working on library for police department |

Working on library for police department

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Update May 14 |

Work is underway on the custom library for the Allen Police Substation. See me sawing and working below. 

The 5 double door libraries were delivered this afternoon. See the giant boxes and one out of the box. 

These are going to look very nice. 

My goal is to complete the libraries for Boyd and Lindsey Elementary schools first so that they can be in place while the kids are still in school. 

We will be working on painting them this week and building the posts that they will set on. (We are making the posts because ordering them was just too expensive. Shipping was almost $100 per library.)
Again, my first priority is getting the ones installed at the elementary.

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Books received |

Books that are being donated.

I have wish lists for books on Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

Please help spread the word.

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Encouragements (1) Encouragements (1)
From: Terry |
Thank you for sharing your love of reading and what you are doing to help others!

I want to express my appreciation for your generosity in support of my Eagle Project. Your donation is incredibly helpful and moves me so much closer to my goal. Your assistance means so much to me but even more to the kids in our community. Thank you!!!
Dylon Nottingham

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