Getting Evelyne Healthy Again
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If our goal is fulfilled, I will be able to work, walk, bike, and have my life back.
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Tim Gonyo

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May 7, 2018

The Story

Plattsburgh, NY

Evelyne Metzger enjoys biking, walking, and enjoying everyday life with her husband, Roger. They own and operate a café. Unfortunately, over the last few years, her health has prevented her from being able to work.

Three years ago, Evelyne had been dealing with an illness that left her nearly bedridden. She had numerous doctor visits and tests, but none were able to pinpoint the cause. In December 2016, Evelyne was tested and diagnosed with Lyme disease. “Unfortunately, this diagnosis was very late in the game, and Evelyne exhibited late symptoms of Lyme disease which can linger and be difficult to treat or go away,” Roger said.

Evelyne has weekly and monthly therapy treatments to help her regain her strength. She is unable to stand or sit for long periods of time which ultimately contributed to her inability to work. Roger has helped her with the daily living activities that she struggles to do on her own like bathing, cleaning, and cooking. Since she is unable to drive, they have had to close the café so Roger can take her to her doctor appointments and therapy treatments.

With medical bills and expenses mounting, the Metzgers hope to raise $5,000 through to help pay for her therapy and treatment expenses. “If our goal is fulfilled, I will be able to work, walk, bike, and have my life back,” Evelyne said. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation and relieve the financial stress as Evelyne continues to regain her health. Share her story today!

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