Lifesaving Service Dog for Josef
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A seizure dog could save my life if I quit breathing or assist me from possibly hitting my head.
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April 20, 2018

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March 12, 2018

The Story

Norfolk, NE

Josef Stevens (18) is a senior at Lutheran High Northeast. He is looking forward to continuing his education in college as he studies science. When he is not studying, he stays busy with taking care of his dog, weight training, and delivering newspapers. With graduation rapidly approaching, he is in need of a canine companion to help him when he is in college.

On his first day of the eighth grade, Josef experienced 12 seizures. He underwent extensive labs, tests, and scans to determine what was causing the seizures. After visiting with a neurologist, he was diagnosed with epilepsy and prescribed medication to help manage his condition. Unfortunately, his seizures continued to worsen, and he suffered severe side effects from the medicine.

Over the past year, Josef has been experiencing serious grand mal seizures which cause him to lose consciousness and experience violent muscle contractions. The unexpected seizures put him in harm of head injuries and leave him with constant body aches. He has also started having seizures in his sleep which can become life threatening. After thoroughly researching for more help, his parents discovered Domesti-PUPS of Lincoln, Nebraska.

Domesti-PUPS strives to improve the quality of life for persons with special needs through the assistance of animals. Josef was recently approved to receive a seizure response service dog. His service dog will be specially trained to sense when he is going to have a seizure and will retrieve help and support him during a seizure. “A seizure dog could save my life if I quit breathing or assist me from possibly hitting my head,” Josef said.

To cover the training cost, Josef’s family hopes to raise $20,000 through “I will actually be able to do more things at college, with a companion, a dog,” said Josef. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation and help this young man regain his independence with the assistance of a canine companion. Share his story today!

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From: Josef Stevens |
Proud of you Josef

Thank you, and blessings, truly, always, Josef
Josef Stevens

From: Josef Stevens |
Love you Josef❤️

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