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Getting this dog will provide a friend, helper, and protector for him.
The Story

Flemingsburg, KY

Ethen Marshall (3) is a little boy full of energy and love. He was adopted as a baby by Mona and Randy. Despite having a very hard start to life, his parents have tried to provide him with the happy and healthy home life he deserves.

When Mona and Randy first adopted Ethen, he seemed to be completely healthy. However, they noticed that his right eye looked different than the left. They took him to his pediatrician where he was diagnosed with coloboma, a birth defect in his right eye that causes tunnel vision. The eye abnormality has made it difficult for him to get around without running into things and injuring himself. Since many tables and cabinets are at his eye level, he has taken many trips to the emergency rooms after running into a corner.

As he grew older, Ethen was diagnosed with other physical impairments like a sensory disorder and partial hearing loss. He has been in occupational, visual, and speech therapy since he was six months old. While the therapy has been beneficial, he is coming to a turning point. Suggestions and recommendations were made for him to get a service dog as a way to improve his quality of life and independence.

Ethen’s parents have been working with Service Dogs for Independence of Tucson, Arizona to get him a service dog. He was recently matched with a dog that will be specially trained to assist with his emotional and physical disabilities. The cost of training the dog and traveling for Ethen to work with his pup is $15,000. While the Marshalls have been actively fundraising, they still need to raise $4,000 to begin the training process.

Ethen’s parents hope to raise the remaining amount through RedBasket.org. “Getting this dog will provide a friend, helper, and protector for him,” Mona said. Let’s help unite Ethen with his canine companion by making a tax-deductible donation and sharing his story today!

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