Caleb’s Recovery Journey
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We will be able to help Caleb heal and progress without worrying of financial debt.
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March 12, 2018

The Story

Vinton, VA

Caleb Calhoun (18) loves spending time with his family. As a family, they enjoy doing anything outdoors. Caleb especially enjoys riding horses and working with animals. He competed in team roping at rodeo events until he started suffering from severe pain in his legs.

In March 2016, Caleb was involved in a car accident. When he was in the hospital for treatment, scan results revealed a bone bruise in his leg which doctors thought was the source of the leg pains. However, his condition worsened over following months. He underwent a second scan in November which revealed a tumor from his hip to the knee. Caleb was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma, a very rare type of cancerous tumor.

Following his diagnosis, Caleb began chemotherapy and radiation treatment. He also underwent a surgical procedure to remove and replace the tumorous femur bone. Though his recovery has been going well, he still has quite a ways to go. His weekly physical therapy sessions are helping him gradually regain strength. He has progressed from a wheelchair to crutches to a cane and is now able to walk with a small limp. He has also been able to get back in the saddle and ride horses. “We have learned to enjoy each day and trust God for everything,” Caleb said.

With ongoing medical bills and expenses, Caleb and his family hopes to raise $15,700 through “We will be able to help Caleb heal and progress without worrying of financial debt,” his mother said. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation and relieve the financial stress of Caleb’s recovery journey. Share his story today!

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