Katie’s Road to Recovery
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“I was three weeks postpartum with my darling baby boy, Emmett, when I first had the symptoms that led to my diagnosis.”
The Story

Saint Paul, MN

Katie Steingraeber (36) has been married to her high school sweetheart, Joe (38) for 13 years. Together the couple has a joyful and spunky little girl, Addie (3) and a sweet and cuddly baby boy, Emmett (3 months). Addie and Emmett are the light of their lives. Unfortunately, due to Katie’s condition, she has had to spend more time in the hospital than with her loved ones.

On Thanksgiving Day 2017, instead of enjoying time with family, Katie found it difficult to speak and perform simple tasks. This led her to be transported via ambulance to Regions Hospital in St. Paul where she suffered a seizure in the emergency department. After the seizure, Katie had a head CT scan. The hospital neurosurgeon discovered a 4 centimeter mass in the left frontal lobe of her brain. After this mass was found, Katie had an MRI, scans of her entire trunk, and blood work done. On December 5, she underwent brain surgery to remove the mass, and a week later, she received a diagnosis of a grade III astrocytoma brain tumor. Throughout Katie’s battle, she has been blessed with an incredible support system. “The support, thoughts, prayers, and incredible kindness from each one of my friends and family has helped make the overwhelming news and events manageable for me and my family,” said Katie. Every member of both Joe and Katie’s families have stepped up to take care of Addie and Emmett while they were away during hospitalizations. Katie’s mom has become their housemate for the last two months. “We are incredibly thankful,” said Katie.

Katie’s diagnosis has affected her life in many ways. “I was three weeks postpartum with my darling baby boy, Emmett, when I first had the symptoms that led to my diagnosis,” said Katie. As any parent knows, there are plenty of hurdles in life when caring for a newborn, but in addition to this, the Steingraebers are also struggling with the weight of this diagnosis that comes with a major brain surgery, brain radiation, and chemotherapy. “I am so happy to receive excellent care here at Mayo Clinic, however it is no small feat to travel one and a half hours each way to these appointments five times per week, especially when this requires both someone to drive me to and from the treatments as well as someone to stay home and care for Emmett,” said Katie.

The Steingraebers hope to raise $20,000 through RedBasket.org to offset the cost of Katie’s medical bills, travel expenses to and from treatments, and childcare while she and her husband are at treatments. With Joe taking time off of work, and Katie being out of work, these funds will make a tremendous difference in their lives. Your donation will allow the family to focus on Katie’s healing journey without the added stress of medical bills. Donate and share her story today!

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