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“I would love for my life to be normal again. I want to go back to work doing what I love, and that’s taking care of surgical patients.”
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The Story

Bristol, FL

Sandy Coleman is a full-time registered nurse (RN), wife, and mother. She has been happily married to the love of her life, Chris for 11.5 years. Together they have two children, Gracie (5) and River (1) who they absolutely adore. Whether it’s going to the beach, swimming, fishing, hunting, or going to church, the Colemans enjoy spending time together as a family. Unfortunately, due to Sandy’s condition, she has had to spend more time in the hospital than with her family.

On December 29, 2017, Sandy had a minor outpatient procedure performed. After her procedure, she was suffering severe abdominal pain and was feeling ill. After nearly a week, doctors performed surgery to determine the cause of Sandy’s symptoms. It was discovered that she has a perforated intestine. This condition has brought on various issues including infections and an increase in her white blood cell count. “As a result of inactivity and inability to eat normal food, I am very weak,” said Sandy.

Since she’s been in the hospital, Sandy’s life has changed dramatically. “Because I’ve been in the hospital for four weeks, I’m unable to work and make income. My husband works too but has been unable to because he is here with me at the hospital,” said Sandy. Due to the severity of her condition, Sandy will still be out of work for a while when she is discharged. In addition to wearing a wound vacuum, home health will have to visit her to administer IV antibiotics and she will also need to visit her doctor twice a week to ensure she is healing properly. With medical bills piling up, the Colemans are in need of assistance.

While the financial stress has taken a toll on Sandy, the hardest part for her is being away from her family. She and her family are close-knit and she loves making memories with Gracie and River. The constant love and support she receives from them has helped her get through this difficult time.

Sandy and her family hope to raise $20,000 through to offset the cost of medical and living expenses. Raising these funds will allow Sandy to focus on recovering without the added stress of medical bills. “I would love for my life to be normal again. I want to go back to work doing what I love, and that’s taking care of surgical patients,” said Sandy. Donate and share her story today!

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