Food Pantry for Woodford County
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We help clients provide nutritious meals for their families enabling them to use precious resources for other obligations.
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Debbie Schumacher

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February 26, 2018

The Story

Versailles, KY

Food Pantry for Woodford County (FPWC) was opened in 1992 to serve the food insecure residents of Woodford County, Kentucky. Run completely by volunteers, families needing emergency food assistance or who are struggling financially can visit the food pantry. Throughout the years, more programs were added as the needs of the community grew. In 2014, FPWC built a new building which allowed them to reach even more families in need.

Open two days a week, residents needing food assistance can visit the client-choice food pantry and select food items. FPWC not only provides non-perishable food items, but they also encourage healthy living by offering meats, fresh fruits, and vegetables. “We help clients provide nutritious meals for their families enabling them to use precious resources for other obligations such as rent, utilities, transportation, medicine, and other life necessities,” said Sharon Hardin, FPWC Executive Director. In 2017, the food pantry served food boxes to 1,268 families with 2,982 individuals. FPWC also hosts the Senior Commodity Food Box program which specifically focuses on helping senior citizens. The senior commodity program served 1,269 boxes.

To ensure the food pantry is always stocked and available for clients, FPWC volunteers hope to raise $10,000 through to purchase meats and other nutritious food items. “Our wish is for all of our clients to receive help and become self-sufficient,” Sharon said. “We celebrate each success with our clients when their lives turn around, and they no longer need help from the food pantry.” Please consider making a tax-deductible donation and help FWPC continue meeting the needs for the food insecure in the community. Share this story today!

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Commodity Food Supplies Very Low |

Food Pantry for Woodford County is currently experiencing a non-existent commodity inventory for our food in-secure residents.  Commodity food inventory for this food pantry comes from the local food bank in Lexington, KY which in turn comes from the U S Department of Agriculture.  

Commodities and food stamps (SNAP) are part of the Farm Bill. During every election and budget discussion, the Farm Bill comes up as a means of cutting spending and balancing the budget.  The amount of commodities available for Food Pantry for Woodford County can not keep up with the number of clients needing food supplies from our food pantry.

In response to this low inventory,  the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors has decided to pull food items from our inventory to supplement the low commodity inventory.  We were very fortunate at year-end, we received a generous supply of non-perishable food items from food drives from our schools, churches, businesses, scouts, local service organizations and the citizens of our community.  All of the support was greatly appreciated.

Now we must turn to our community and others with a plea for support for food purchases for our clients.  We will continue making purchases of milk, eggs, crackers, cereal, bologna, hot dogs, hamburger, cheese and margarine, but we will now need purchases of canned vegetables, fruit, soup, dry beans, canned beans, canned meat, and canned and dry pasta.  Our community has always been very supportive of the food pantry and we need for this support to continue to meet a new challenge, a challenge where there is a need due to government policy changes and budget cuts that impact the low-income and food in-secure families of this community.

Please consider making a donation to help feed the hungry families and children of this community.

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