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This will help us supply our teachers with resources after such an extreme loss due to Hurricane Harvey.
The Story

Rockport, TX

Aransas County Independent School District (ACISD) is an independent county-wide school system that serves the Texas communities of Holiday Beach, Lamar, Fulton, Rockport and the northern part of Aransas Pass. The public school district consist of five schools and enrolls around 3,200 students each year. ACISD strives to help all of their students realize their potential through providing quality curriculum, instruction and service to each student. “We prepare each student academically and socially to be a critical thinker, problem solver, responsible, and productive individual,” said ACISD Chief Financial Officer, Kathy Henderson.

When Hurricane Harvey swept through southern Texas in August 2017, Aransas County was one of the areas that suffered severe devastation. All five of the school buildings experienced major flooding which ruined the classrooms and supplies. Despite the setback, ACISD and the community have rallied together in repairing and refurbishing the schools. Classes are being held in portable buildings until a new one is ready for the class to return. While the school had insurance for the larger damaged items, ACISD has been unable to replace the classroom supplies and resources like chairs, shelves, or storage bins.

ACISD hopes to raise $20,000 through to equip the teachers with school supplies and other classroom resources. “This will help us supply our teachers with resources after such an extreme loss due to Hurricane Harvey,” Kathy said. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation and help ACISD purchase resources the teachers need to continue providing the best education possible for their students. Share this story today!

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