Tackling MS with Tony
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This procedure will give me the best chance possible to halt the disease progression, and perhaps restore some of my physical abilities in time.
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The Story

Fresno, CA

Tony Quiroz is a proud father of three wonderful college students. Music has always been an important aspect of his life. When he had children though, he decided to put down his trumpet and raise his kids so they would embrace creativity and education. Now, his kids are the ones who are helping their father as he battles multiple sclerosis (MS).

In May 2015, Tony suffered what he thought was a stroke and caused him to develop a limp. He visited his doctor, who informed him it was a pinched nerve, but he continued to have issues with his limp. He later received an MRI and lumbar puncture which revealed he had MS, a potentially disabling disease of the brain and spinal cord. As the disease progressed, Tony tried three different medications, but none have been successful in slowing down his physical impairments.

Tony’s mobility has rapidly declined to the point where he needs to utilize a walker or wheelchair. His physical limitations make it very difficult for him to participate in family functions or do some of his old hobbies and projects. To preserve his health, Tony discovered a procedure that has shown success in halting the progression of MS. The goal of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) is to reset the immune system by using chemotherapy to kill the components of the immune system that target myelin, the protective covering of nerve cells, and use the patient’s own stem cells to facilitate the healing of the new immune system.

While HSCT can be life changing, the treatment costs exceed $50,000 and is not covered by insurance. Tony plans to undergo the treatment in Mexico. In need of financial assistance, he hopes to raise $20,000 through RedBasket.org. “This procedure will give me the best chance possible to halt the disease progression, and perhaps restore some of my physical abilities in time,” Tony said. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation and help this father defeat MS by undergoing HSCT. Share his story today!

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