Holiday Brown Bag Program
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“Buying food, especially nutritious food, is often last on their list."
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Rosa Thompson

made a donation.

December 30, 2017

A Pruitt

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December 27, 2017

Brenda Harmon

made a donation.

December 24, 2017

Karen Moore Moore

made a donation.

December 23, 2017

Rosa T Edwards

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December 22, 2017

Willie Dillard

made a donation in honor of Lizzie Patterson (Mother)

December 21, 2017

The Story

Demopolis, AL

Since 2012, the Women of Faith of Demopolis have had a passion for providing assistance to those less fortunate. Those involved in the organization believe in what they do and want to make a lasting impact on the lives of others. To enhance their mission, the organization has been working to add a new program that will be able to reach more people. On October 10, 2017, the Women of Faith’s dreams came true; the Holiday Brown Bag Program was born.

“The Holiday Brown Bag Program is important to people who are not covered, have limited coverage by the benefit system, and who may be reluctant to approach a more formal food bank,” said Liaison, Willie Dillard. With the help of dedicated staff, volunteers, and donors from Women of Faith of Demopolis, the program is able to make a difference in countless lives in Demopolis, Alabama. This organization is devoted to enriching the lives of senior citizens, homebound seniors, and those whose income is at or below poverty level. Many of these individuals are forced to make difficult but unavoidable decisions. “Buying food, especially nutritious food, is often last on their list,” said President, Rosa Thompson. The Holiday Brown Bag Program aspires to put an end to hunger for these seniors.

Women of Faith hopes to raise $6,000 through for the Holiday Brown Bag Program. The funds will be used to purchase supplies from the Selma Area Food Bank including canned goods, dry goods, fresh meat, and fresh produce. Raising these funds will allow the organization to continue their mission of providing and delivering necessities to senior citizens who are in need of assistance. Your tax-deductible donation will help bring tremendous amounts of joy to senior citizens in the Demopolis community. Donate and share their story today!

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