Mobility for Dean
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“Both accidents have taken a toll on my body. From then until now, the aches, pains, sufferings, and anguish have plagued me continually.”
The Story

Berwick, LA

Dean Landry (63) is a hardworking and loving family man. He has been happily married to his wife, Harriett (53) for 34 years. Together they have one daughter, Cecely (23). In Dean’s free time he enjoys tinkering with different types of projects that keep him busy.

In 1970, Dean was involved in a serious accident causing him to lose his leg. Then in 1985, he was involved in a second major accident. This accident caused him intense pain in his hip, knee, shoulder, neck, and wrist. After the second accident, Dean was in constant pain and was no longer able to work.

“Recovery through both occurrences was difficult both mentally and physically. Coping with these injuries tested my abilities and endurance levels,” said Dean. With everything he has been through in his life, his amazing support system has kept his spirits lifted. While his family was devastated by all of the pain he was going through, Dean’s family has rallied behind him.

“Both accidents have taken a toll on my body. From then until now, the aches, pains, sufferings, and anguish have plagued me continually,” said Dean. His joints, neck, back, arms, shoulders, and legs endure the strain placed on them. As Dean grows older, the arm crutches he uses are beginning to cause severe discomfort.

Dean hopes to raise $3,950 through to purchase a titanium all-sports wheelchair. This type of wheelchair will make a tremendous difference in Dean’s life by giving him back his mobility. “As I’ve grown older, I realized I missed some important events caused by pain and suffering. Family time, church, and related events with this wheelchair will add function and memories to my life, giving me my place back,” said Dean. Your tax-deductible donation will impact Dean’s quality of life in a positive way and alleviate some of his physical, mental, emotional, and financial strains. Donate and share his story today!

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