Grace’s Girl Scout Gold Award: Pilger Serenity Garden
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I hope it beautifies the community and becomes a symbol of hope and unity.
The Story

Wisner, NE

Pilger, Nebraska has been Grace Steinmeyer’s second home since she was young. As a little girl, she played for the Pilger T-ball team and spent her summers at the local pool and library. As a proud Girl Scout, she is pursuing the highest achievement of the Gold Award by giving back to the community that supported her in so many ways.

On June 16, 2014, Pilger was decimated by tornadoes that ripped through the village. Many people were displaced including Grace’s friends and family. Most of the businesses and buildings in the village were also destroyed. Wisner-Pilger Middle School was among the numerous buildings that suffered irreparable damage requiring them to be torn down. Three years after the tornadoes, Pilger is still recovering from the devastation. Several businesses and family homes have been rebuilt, but there are still many empty lots throughout town.

In the wake of the tragedy, Grace decided create a serenity garden in Pilger for her Girl Scout Gold Award project. With permission from the village board, the serenity garden will be built in the location where the old swimming pool used to be. Anyone in the community will be able to visit the garden that will include plants, shrubs, benches, and an arch over the entry pathway. “My goal is for the garden to be a place to remember your favorite memories as well as create new ones,” Grace said. “I hope it beautifies the community and becomes a symbol of hope and unity.”

To begin her project in spring 2018, Grace hopes to raise $2,000 through to purchase the supplies and materials needed to complete her Girl Scout project. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation and sharing her story today. Join Grace in her journey for her Girl Scout Gold Award and be a part of building a serenity garden for the Pilger community to enjoy!

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