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The Action Trackchair will help me get a part of my life back, a part that I can share in outdoor activities with Daniel.
The Story

Bridgeport, IL

James Hamilton (50) lives at home with his wife, Judy (43), and their youngest son, Daniel (8). From a young age, he developed a great passion for the outdoors after going hunting and fishing with his dad and grandfather nearly every day. He served in the US Navy after high school. Upon completion of his service contract, he went back to school for his degree and reengaged with his love for the outdoors.

In June 2000, James sustained a serious left foot injury while working as an industrial maintenance technician. His foot got crushed after his cart struck an axle that was misplaced. He was taken by ambulance to the hospital and underwent surgery to remove all of the cartilage from the joints and fuse the bones together. Unfortunately, his wounds kept getting infected leading to the determination that his foot would need to be amputated.

On October 9, 2013, James was making a routine trip to the store on his motorcycle when his world completely changed. He was traveling on the highway when he struck a car that was not aware of him approaching on the left. Upon impact, he was knocked unconscious, thrust into the air, and landed about fifty feet from the point of impact. He was transported by life flight to a local trauma center. James broke both arms, some ribs, pelvis, and four vertebraes in his lower back.

Despite multiple correctional procedures, James still has severe permanent nerve damage. He is unable to stand up or walk without support. With limited use in his hands, he must rely on the use of a powered wheelchair. “It has been a very long recovery, but I have always been a physically active, outdoors, woodsy kind of person,” James said. “This indoor chair they have me in just can't get me there.” To regain some ability to do outdoor activities, he seeks a new wheelchair that will allow him to navigate outdoor terrains.

The Action Trackchair is a wheelchair that provides individuals with physical limitations the ability to travel on all terrains from rocky terrain to shallow water. James hopes to raise $15,000 through to cover the cost of purchasing this all-terrain wheelchair. “The Action Trackchair will help me get a part of my life back, a part that I can share in outdoor activities with Daniel,” said James. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation and share this today.

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