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I have tried to make adjustments to compensate for my vision loss and continue having as active of a life as possible.
The Story

Fort Washington, MD

Carol McCauley (70) is a widow and proud parent of three wonderful, talented, and successful children. Her children have blessed her with 15 grandchildren. She loves to travel and study the history and culture of the places she visits. With her vision quickly dwindling, she is now in need of special eyewear to allow her to enjoy her hobbies once again.

In 2001, Carol was having a routine eye visit when her eye doctor discovered a spot in the back of her eye. She was referred to an ophthalmologist who performed a thorough eye exam. The results of the testing revealed that Carol had Stargardt Disease, a macular degeneration of the eyes. “This disease was to render me blind in two years, but after 10 years my ophthalmologist could not explain why I had no change in my vision and had very good vision,” Carol said. Unfortunately, her vision quickly took a turn for the worse in 2011.

During a study on her condition, Carol underwent tests that exposed her to unusual light flashes. Following the testing, she began having difficulties seeing in low lights. She is unable to drive at night or read smaller fonts. She must rely heavily on family and friends, but her vision limitations have made it hard for her to even recognize faces. “I have tried to make adjustments to compensate for my vision loss and continue having as active of a life as possible,” said Carol.

Carol recently discovered Low Vision Specialists of Maryland and Virginia, an organization dedicated to providing devices to assist those with low vision by giving them back the gift of sight. She was recently approved to obtain glasses with telescopic lenses that will greatly improve her vision. To offset the cost of the glasses, she hopes to raise $16,675 through to cover the cost of the telescopic eyewear. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation and help Carol see clearly once again. Share this story today!

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