Crossroads Ranch Ministries Storm Shelter
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If a large storm comes through while we are hosting campers, we have no place to take the kids for safety.
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December 28, 2017

The Story

Depew, OK

Located on a 32-acre horse ranch, Crossroads Ranch Ministries hosts over 350 children each at its week-long cowboy camps each year. Since the first camp in 2007, the camp ministry has taught kids who they are in Christ and how to live the best life. “We teach kids good work ethics, making positive choices, learning to set goals, and keeping a good attitude,” said Crossroads Ranch Ministries founder, Dove Morgan Schmidt.

From riding horses to making cowboy-themed crafts, the kids get to participate and learn about the cowboy way of life. While the camp has increased in participation each year, there are growing needs to ensure that all of the campers have a fun and safe experience. The tornadoes and storms that come through Oklahoma have left a deadly trail of damage around the state, and the camp needs a place to shelter campers in case of unexpected inclement weather coming through the property. “If a large storm comes through while we are hosting campers, we have no place to take the kids for safety,” Dove said. “When that happens, parents usually pick up their kids early and we are forced to cancel camps.”

Dove hopes to raise $4,000 through to cover the cost of purchasing a storm shelter. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation and help Crossroads Ranch Ministries continue to provide a fun and safe camp experience, rain or shine. Share this story today!

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