Fresh Start for the Eckermanns
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Having to reshuffle our lives and not being able to live under the same roof has been difficult.
The Story

Burton, TX

Dwain Eckermann is a single father of three children: Triston (21), Jaden (20), and Cole (18). He enjoys spending time with his kids and grandchild. As an outdoorsman, he also enjoys hunting and fishing. Now, Dwain is trying to regain normalcy for himself and his kids after they lost their home to a house fire.

On November 5, a fire broke out in the Eckermann’s house. While no one was hurt, the home and everything in it was a total loss due to the fire and smoke damage. As they try to figure out what to do going forward, the whole family has been split up and is staying in different houses. “Having to reshuffle our lives and not being able to live under the same roof has been difficult,” Dwain said.

The family has received clothing, kitchen items, and food from the local community. To replace some of the larger items lost, Dwain hopes to raise $6,000 through to replace the furniture and appliances. “We have been humbled by this experience, but our faith has been renewed,” said Dwain. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation and provide much needed relief for the Eckermanns during this stressful time. Share his story today!

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