Celia and Gerald’s Journey to Parenthood
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“Having a baby is a lifelong commitment, but it’s one that we are prepared to take.”
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The Story

Sanford, NC

Celia (34) and Gerald (43) King are a hardworking couple with a passion for helping others. This passion is what led them both to pursue careers in the medical field. When they aren’t working, Celia and Gerald enjoy spending time together, whether it’s walking the dogs or cooking dinner together. The Kings have been happily married since 2014 and together they have built a life they love. The only thing that would complete their lives is a child of their own.

Celia and Gerald have been trying to have a child of their own for nearly four years. After experiencing difficulty trying to conceive, they decided to meet with doctors to find out what was going on. Celia and Gerald are active, eat healthy, and take care of themselves, so they didn’t understand why they were having such a hard time having a child. While meeting with doctors, the Kings learned that Gerald had a low sperm count.

The Kings want to start a family of their own more than anything. After some thought, they have decided to move to the next step, which is to undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment. Celia was blessed with a son 18 years ago, but Gerald doesn’t have any children of his own. “He has a heart of gold and had always wanted children of his own,” said Celia.

The Kings hope to raise $15,500 though RedBasket.org to offset the cost of an IVF treatment. Raising these funds would complete Celia and Gerald’s lives. “Having a baby is a lifelong commitment but it’s one that we are prepared to take,” said Celia. Join the Kings on their journey to parenthood today by making a tax-deductible donation. Donate and share their story today!

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