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Dogs have always been therapeutic to me, but a dog trained to help with my disability would be amazing.
The Story

Manhattan, KS

Deena Macomber (19) is a creative, introverted young lady who enjoys drawing and playing video games. Since the third grade, she has wanted to be a veterinarian which led her to study animal science at Kansas State University. Unfortunately, she faces many social and psychological challenges because of her bipolar disorder, but she is hoping a canine companion to help her regain her independence.

Over the past five years, Deena had been experiencing bipolar disorder symptoms. She was suffering from severe depression and anxiety which affected every aspect of her life. “My moods had been swapping so suddenly and severely that it was stopping me from doing what I normally did from hobbies to classes to socializing,” said Deena. During her freshman year of college, she was diagnosed with bipolar II disorder.

While she has been receiving routine treatment, Deena still struggles with anxiety daily. Her medication helps limit her anxiety attacks and mood swings, but has impacted her memory and comprehension which has taken a toll on her school performance. To improve her condition without medication, Deena was recently approved to receive a psychiatric and mobility assistance service dog through Little Angels Service Dogs in San Diego, California.

“Dogs have always been therapeutic to me, but a dog trained to help with my disability would be amazing,” Deena said. Her Little Angel service dog will receive specialized training that will meet her disability needs. Her dog will be able to sense when she is becoming anxious and respond through providing deep pressure therapy. When she feels overwhelmed in a crowded space, her pup will also be able to provide boundary control along with physical and emotional support.

To begin the training process of her Little Angel, Deena hopes to raise $20,000 through “Meeting my goal will be a victory on the road to recovery,” she said. “I’d be able to move on to the next step of having a dog selected and trained which I have been so excited for ever since I found them.” By making a tax-deductible donation, you can help this Deena achieve her goal of acquiring her life changing service dog. Share her story today!

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