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“The money raised will be used to replace two outdated heating and air units that are beyond repair, and service the remaining unit for the auditorium.”
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October 14, 2017

The Story

Jackson, TN

Since being founded in 1977, Area Relief Ministries has been dedicated to enriching the lives of children in the Jackson, Tennessee community. Through various programs and activities, the organization is able to help children create meaningful relationships and memories, and gain valuable life skills.

The mission of Area Relief Ministries is to strengthen the community by providing services that alleviate suffering, promote dignity, and foster hope for those in need. The organization is able to enhance their mission through an ongoing program called the Helping Us Build (HUB) Club. The HUB Club works with parents, schools, and churches to build strong students who act like leaders, learn like leaders, and live like leaders.

With the help of dedicated staff, volunteers, parents, and people from the community, the HUB Club became a reality. Over the years, they have mentored and tutored 100 at-risk youth in Jackson which showed extremely positive results. 100 percent of program participants graduated to the next grade in the 2016-17 school year. “Several of our students have graduated college and are successful productive citizens. Some of them even support and volunteer at the HUB Club to pass on the blessings,” said Director Michael Roby. However, with the program growing, the facility is in need of some renovations.

Area Relief Ministries hopes to raise $13,996 through to purchase a new heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system for the facility. “The money raised will be used to replace two outdated heating and air units that are beyond repair, and service the remaining unit for the auditorium,” said Michael. The new HVAC system would create a better environment for students, staff, and volunteers. Please consider donating and sharing their story today!

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