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“I could barely go grocery shopping without the sound of my heart beating so loudly I could hear it in my own ears.”
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The Story

Gillette, WY

Raven Anglin (23) has always had a special place in her heart for animals. Whether it is training horses and dogs or grooming, her love of animals has had a huge influence on her life. This prompted her to pursue a degree as a veterinary physician and start her own vet clinic. However, due to severe anxiety and depression, Raven has been unable to live her life to the fullest.

In 2009, Raven was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Leading up to her diagnosis, Raven suffered from serious anxiety attacks, became overwhelmed easily, had bursts of anger, and experienced night terrors. At outings and events, she had such harsh anxiety attacks that she would sometimes hold her breath without realizing it.

Due to the severity of Raven’s condition, she has had trouble sleeping and has had difficulty partaking in daily errands and tasks. “I could barely go grocery shopping without the sound of my heart beating so loudly I could hear it in my own ears,” said Raven. However, throughout her fight with anxiety and depression, Raven has been blessed with a caring and supportive group of family and friends. “It has really been the cliché ‘we’re are in this together,’ and we have one another’s backs,” said Raven.

With the help of doctors, Raven learned her perfect solution would be a service dog. “My retiring dog has saved me from myself and has made my life infinitely better,” said Raven. Because of her dedicated service companion, Raven was able to participate in marathons, color runs, and enjoy many other activities that she would otherwise be unable to attend. Unfortunately, because Raven’s current dog has hip dysplasia, she is in need of another service companion.

Raven hopes to raise $20,000 through RedBasket.org to purchase a service dog through Domesti-PUPS. Raising these funds would allow Raven to continue to ease her anxiety and focus on love, adventure, and social skills. “Already having experienced the kind of impact a service animal has had on my life, I am fully determined to continue my life with another. Without my dog, I would have a very hard time handling life and all of the things in it,” said Raven. By making a tax-deductible donation to Raven’s story, you can help her get through this fight with the help of her service companion. Donate and share her story today!

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Holiday Hope and Thank Yous!! |

Hey everyone thank you so much for the donations that have been sent do far! Still a long way to go but I'm optimistic about reaching the goal!!! Please keep it up! Anything is appreciated and every dollar counts! Harley Quinn is ready to retire And sends his love and thanks! Remember I don't want christmas presents! Just send donations! 

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