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So much would be lifted off of our shoulders, and I would be able to focus on getting better and our future.
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October 9, 2017


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October 5, 2017

The Story

Utica, NY

Steven Lyman (46) is a loving husband and father to his wife, Winnie (43), and daughter, Ruthie (23). He loves to go hunting, camping, fishing, and anything else that involves being outdoors. Helping others is also important to him, but he is now the one in need of assistance after being diagnosed with cancer.

Steven felt something was wrong with his health for nearly three years, but did not think it was too bad. In January 25, 2017, he went in for a checkup, but his doctor discovered something serious. He was diagnosed with rectal cancer which would eventually require surgery. In June, he had his first surgery to remove the cancerous parts of his large intestines. Three months later, he underwent a second treatment surgery.

Since Steven’s diagnosis, the Lymans’ lives have completely changed. He is still undergoing medical treatment and has weekly doctor’s appointments. As his health and strength declined, he has been unable to return to work. Winnie has been there for him throughout his cancer battle while also working to maintain some sense of normalcy. With a limited income, his medical expenses and daily living bills are quickly piling up.

In need of financial assistance, Steven hopes to raise $12,000 through to help pay his medical bills. “So much would be lifted off of our shoulders, and I would be able to focus on getting better and our future,” Steven said. Relieve the financial stress of his cancer battle by making a tax-deductible donation. Share his story today!

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