Joseph’s Fight Against MS
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I am hoping that my symptoms will improve to the point where I can exercise more, spend more active quality time with my wife and daughter, and get my life back.
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The Story

Fresno, CA

Joseph Llanos (46) loves his wife Viridiana (33), and their daughter, Isabella (5). As a graphic designer, he works with art, photos and typography. He also enjoys living an active lifestyle by going to the gym and running. However, Joseph’s life completely changed when he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS).

In 2014, Joseph began experiencing various symptoms of exhaustion, fatigue, pain all over his body, and tingling sensations in his limbs. Knowing that something was seriously wrong, he visited his doctor where he was diagnosed with MS, a potentially disabling disease that causes the immune system to attack the central nervous system. The news was devastating for him and his wife. “They do not lie when they say MS steals your life away,” Joseph said.

Since his diagnosis, Joseph’s health has continued to decline. He is unable to maintain his once active lifestyle because of his exhaustion and fatigue. He has difficulty balancing which has caused him to fall over several times. Though he tries to enjoy life as much as possible, his health condition always weighs heavy on his mind.

Joseph recently discovered a treatment that has shown success in halting the progression of MS. Hematopoietic stem cell transplant (HSCT) begins with resetting the patient’s immune system by using chemotherapy to kill the components of the immune system that target myelin, the protective covering of nerve cells, and then using the patient’s own stem cells to facilitate the healing of the new immune system. He found the A.A. Maximov Department of Hematology and Cellular Therapy, in Moscow, Russia, that specializes in providing HSCT for qualified individuals with MS patients.

While HSCT can be lifesaving, the procedure costs $50,000. Joseph hopes to raise $20,000 through to offset the cost of undergoing HSCT. “I am hoping that my symptoms will improve to the point where I can exercise more, spend more active quality time with my wife and daughter, and get my life back.” he said. Help Joseph fight back against MS by making a tax-deductible donation and sharing his story today!

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