Bikin’ Dads Adventures: Next Chapter
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“Bikin’ Dads Adventures was founded with hopes to encourage all fathers to be more involved in the lives of their children.”
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The Story

Concord, NC

Bikin’ Dads Adventures Founder Mark Gordon had a dream to encourage all fathers to be involved more in the lives of their children. Bikin’ Dads Adventures provides an outlet for area fathers and children by offering hands-on adventures which include biking, hiking, camping, and even trips to the local library. With the growing interest across the nation in outdoor activities and the promotion of youth mountain biking everywhere, the program is need of both new and updated equipment to help them successfully continue their mission of "Building stronger relationships one adventure at a time" for area fathers and all the youth involved.

Each year, numerous events are held to enhance their mission and values, including festivals and clinics. Throughout the year, Bikin’ Dads Adventures assists in various bicycle races aimed at regional youth within North Carolina by providing education and instruction in various formats. They’ve also established a name for themselves in developing a portable bicycle ‘rodeo.’

“Including fun factors into bicycle safety and education makes the learning process a more memorable success for both dads and kids,” Mark said.

In 2017 alone, Bikin’ Dads Adventures has been requested by several area parks and recreation departments, local police departments, and church/civic groups. They’ve also started their own annual Fathers Fun Fest, which is open to the community free of charge. The group has even been invited to an international bike oriented event that comes to the Charlotte region yearly in October called Cyclo-Fest.

Just like any program, they’ve had their fair share of adventures. As on the organization grew, so did the need for improved safety equipment, proper equipment for their rodeos, and even transportation through an “adventure van.” They have even been approached by a company that is working on building them a custom, dependable portable track to assist them in their courses.

Bikin’ Dads Adventures hopes to raise $45,000 through to fund new equipment, educational and marketing materials, as well as their “adventure van,” to take their program further into its well-established stages. “Honestly, raising these funds would allow us to go even further and host these events with our program, provide the best for all in attendance, and ensure the safety and educational portions all covered, but we cannot do this alone,” said Mark. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Bikin’ Dads Adventures program and help them continue on their path to success.

Updates (5) Updates (5)
Proof in the puddin' |

So, many ask in the various events. Here is just yet another "proof in the puddin' in which our program, Bikin' Dads Adventures has been asked to bring yet another bicycle safety-skills rodeo to many area youth. As thousands descend upon our city in Charlotte for 4 days of the latest and greatest. 

Best part, this will be our 2nd year in a row, in which over 150 kids from 4-5 different states visited our traveling bike rodeo. Now, anticipated numbers are expected to double. From that, we know it's time to ensure we're ready. Just a peak into how want to provide the best memories for both the Dads & kids alike. Providing safety, fun & togetherness in a most awesome environment. Here's the link, please click and it is truly, Proof in the Puddin'....

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Local News Article on Day 30 of this adventure! |

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Leading by Example! |

Just like Red Baskets motto, "Tiny deeds, Tremendous good" applies to the joys of fatherhood! At Bikin' Dads Adventures we are more than bikes, it's the power of adventure, freedom & an option for healthy living that sort of push this thing with bikes. Here is a prime example, once a Dad in our program, who himself went through some rough times, started hanging out with our crew through family connections.

After matter of time before he was permanent fixture in the adventure & watching him with his own kids was a most awesome feeling!

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We Believe...Do you? |

With one of the songs that inspired this adventure....Video is one of the many local youth race series in which we host, educate & sometimes cook for the masses...

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Cyclo-Fest 2016 |

Charlotte's inaugural Cyclo-Fest located at the US National Whitewater Center. Stoked to have been tapped to host, lead & educate the mini-me's with our bicycle rodeo. Couldn't of done this or the countless others without the assistance from our volunteers & the believers in our efforts!

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