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It makes it very hard to just go to doctor’s appointments. To be this young and to think that I am unable to even help at home is heartbreaking.
The Story

Monroe, NC

Donald Clay (34) is a man who is extremely passionate about his faith. In 2017, he fell ill with symptoms similar to that of the flu or a severe cold. After a doctor’s visit, Donald was diagnosed with heart failure. His condition has made it difficult for him to do everyday activities and has kept him out of work. “It makes it very hard to just go to doctor’s appointments. To be this young and to think that I am unable to even help at home is heartbreaking,” said Donald.

This disease has caused a lot of emotional and financial strain on Donald and his loved ones. When he was diagnosed with heart disease, his family was right there beside him to offer their encouragement. “My mom, dad, sister, and brother-in-law have been my support through this journey in my life,” said Donald. His mother has taken on the role of caregiver as she has been Donald’s means of transportation to and from doctor’s appointments. She has even taken on medical bills thus far.

One of Donald’s options is a left ventricular assist device, (LVAD), most commonly known as a heart pump. Implanting an LVAD is both an extensive and expensive surgery that will only serve as a bridge until he is able to receive a transplant. To offset the cost of the heart pump surgery, he hopes to raise $20,000 through RedBasket.org. This will allow him more time to wait for a transplant.

“I am a firm believer that God is willing to do more abundantly than I could ever ask for, and that He will provide a way for me to continue to get the medical care I need at this time or until my healing comes,” said Donald. Let’s rally behind Donald by making a tax-deductible donation and sharing his story today!

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