Stephen’s Eagle Scout Journey: Forsyth County Humane Society
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All of these small projects put together is a really good idea and I am excited to see the outcome.
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The Story

Walkertown, NC

Animal-lover and young philanthropist Stephen Joyce, a life scout from Troop 922 of Walkertown, North Carolina, is ready to start working on his Eagle Scout project. To complete his vision, he needs help raising the funds needed for his project.

Stephen’s project will benefit the Forsyth County Humane Society after the organization moved to a new location back in August 2016. The project includes constructing five to six wooden caddies to hold medium-sized potted plants for decoration inside the main lobby, and priming and painting three large concrete planters located outside of the building to hold butterfly bushes for the cats to watch while they are in the newly-built sun room. Stephen will hold a pet supply drive to collect materials such as food, toys, and additional items for the animals.

Stephen has been successful so far with the donation drive. He has set up donation bins at various locations such as Morris Chapel United Methodist Church, North State Environmental, and Webster Brothers Hardware. Once Stephen is able to complete his project, the Humane Society will look great inside and out. This project will also ensure that the animals who have yet to be adopted housed at the Humane Society have a better quality of life while awaiting adoption.

To complete his project and earn his Eagle Scout honor, Stephen needs to raise $500 through All funds raised will go toward wood, screws, and wheels for the plant caddies, paint and primer for the planters, five to six interior plants, and three butterfly bushes. “I think all of these small projects put together is a really good idea and I am excited to see the outcome,” said volunteer coordinator Brie Salamone said.

Come together and make a tax-deductible donation and share this story to help Stephen complete his project! Your support will benefit the Humane Society and help make the transition to a new building complete.

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