Just 100 days

Today is a milestone as far as time until treatment goes. In just 100 days I will be getting on the plane headed to get disability saving and lifesaving treatment for MS. This last year has been a rough one. I have literally been relapsing every 2-3 months and then it takes weeks to recover. Thank God this last time I have recovered and I am feeling really good right now and enjoying these good days, such a blessing. I hope that I can make it until February without anymore relapses so that I have a chance to build up strength for treatment. I still don't have all the funds needed but we are getting closer and my tickets, hotel and visa are all paid for. I have faith this treatment will work for me and I will be in the 80% of success stories. However, if it does not work I will have the peace of mind knowing I tired and be able to show my children and husband that I did everything possible to beat this disease. The holidays are fast approaching but remember for anyone who would like to donate all donations made through Red Basket are tax deductible and greatly appreciated! I would have not gotten this far if not for the support of my wonderful family and friends.

  • A New Hope for Amanda

    MS affects every aspect of my life and I live with pain every day. I want to stop the progression of my disease before I have no quality of life left.

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