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My condition has limited my ability to enjoy my life.
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November 29, 2016

The Story

McHenry, IL

Bill Stephens is a dedicated and hard-working man of many interests. After retiring from 26 years of active service as a volunteer firefighter and medic, he now serves the department as a fire scene photographer volunteer. For work, he operated a small one man alarm company for homes and small businesses as well as worked as a media photographer for a small news wire service specializing in live performance coverage. For fun, he once enjoyed amateur radio, storm chasing, and remodeling his home. Recently, he has not been well enough to pursue his hobbies, work, or volunteer service.

In 2013, Bill developed a heart issue from working outdoors in extreme heat. This resulted in a quintuple bypass with a long recovery and rehabilitation. While in cardiac rehabilitation that year, he underwent many tests to discover the cause. Six months and expensive testing later in May, doctors confirmed the worst. Bill had bladder cancer. He underwent two surgeries and treatment to remove the cancer which thankfully kept him in remission for two years. Though this year, his cancer returned is scheduled for two additional surgeries. “Everyone should know that this situation could happen to anyone. Prior to my diagnosis, I was healthy as a horse,” said Bill.

In the past three years, Bill has had a total of five surgeries which has greatly reduced his income and depleted his savings. Cancer has changed his finances as well as his quality of life. “My condition has limited my ability to enjoy my life. First and foremost, it has made it difficult to make a living putting my financial life into turmoil. Paying my basic bills including my mortgage is difficult, and I have fallen behind because of not being able to work a full schedule,” Bill said. In December, Bill will start chemical treatments, with the first round continuing through February.

Bill has received emotional and some financial support from his friends and family, but his lack of makes even paying for his insurance premiums difficult. He hopes to raise $20,000 through to help pay for his growing medical bills and expenses. “While my ultimate goal is to recover fully from this disease, this current goal would result in lowering the stress of the financial burden that always comes with ongoing medical issues,” said Bill. Please lift Bill’s financial burden by making a tax-deductible donation and sharing his story today!

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