Kirk holds an amazing gift of wisdom and compassion for folks down on their luck. He always said everyone deserves a helping hand.

Kirk's Helping Hand

Kirk Russell was diagnosed with the brain degenerative disease Rapid-Early Onset Alzheimer’s in the summer of 2013. His sudden and quickly progressing condition has left him unable to work and his wife Stacey must provide him with constant care. The Russells need help paying bills that have accumulated due to Kirk’s health problems.

Stacey Russell knew from the beginning that this was bad. In June 2013, her once vibrant and active husband of 15 years, Kirk, suddenly began shuffling his feet. He could no longer keep his balance. Soon, he was having trouble with his memory. It became difficult for him to form sentences. By the end of summer, countless visits to doctors would lead to a diagnosis of Rapid-Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease. This quickly progressing brain degenerative disease occurs in people younger than 60, causing them to suffer significant impairment affecting memory, thinking, and behavior.

As the doctor’s assistant escorted Kirk from the exam room, Stacey realized this was not a diagnosis the couple could work through together. Kirk’s health had significantly declined and he could no longer understand the depth of his situation. “Am I going to die?” he had asked. They could not share their emotions or support each other’s struggle. “That night I cried and screamed at God, and at that moment I knew that our life as we knew it would never be the same,” Stacey recalls.

A father of five, Kirk had been a successful professional and was the family’s main source of income. According to Kirk’s family and friends, his difficult past inspired him to help others. Having been on his own since the age of 15, Kirk survived both the bitter divorce of his parents and a period of homelessness. “He knows what it’s like to wonder where your next meal might be coming from. He knows what five dollars means to a hungry person,” Stacey said. “Kirk holds an amazing gift of wisdom and compassion for folks down on their luck. He always said everyone deserves a helping hand."

Kirk’s illness has been devastating for the entire Russell family, especially Dayna and Cassie, the 11 and 14-year-old sisters Kirk and Stacey adopted after meeting them at vacation bible school. “They have had such a hard time,” Stacey said. Kirk was a very active and loving father to his adult children Bailey, Drew, and Jessica, and it pains Stacey that Cassie and Dayna’s experience will be different than their siblings.

Stacey works as a school teacher and although the family is lucky to have health insurance, it does not cover all of Kirk’s medical bills. Kirk requires constant care and supervision and Stacey must often take time off from work to help. Stacey and Kirk hope to raise $10,000 to help pay medical bills and meet the everyday needs of their family. In the past, they have been very involved in giving to their community, so it has been a humbling experience for them now to receive. Join in the outpouring of support for Kirk and give the Russells a helping hand.

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    Praying for ya'll. I have always thought a lot of your family and praying dail for you.

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    God bless y'all!

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    Praying for you all!

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    Praying for you.

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    May your family be comforted and supported with loving hands. Kirk and Stacy, you are truly wonderful and amazing people. May God bless and strengthen you today and always.

    -Kel & Lisa Womack February 8, 2014

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